Power-io solid state contactors

solid state contactors

Power-io solid state contactors, ac activated

  • Up to 50, 75, or 100 amps switched
  • International terminal numbers, CE, UL, CSA
  • Oversized internal SCRs for extended life
  • Universal, upgrade model
  • Switches any voltage from 48-660 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz
  • Activated by any ac signal from 100 - 280 VAC = compatible with most PLCs, AC output controllers, or mechanical controls. Universal replacement for many mercury contactors or mercury displacement relays (better performance, longer life, no toxic mercury disposal problems).
Cross reference list
      Upgrade to Power-io solid state contactors: Description:
rsaa-660-50-100 rsaa-660-50-1d0 rsaa-660-50-1e0 DAA-6V50 Up to 50 amps, sometimes called :
rsaa-660-50-1d0 rsaa/660/50/1eo rsaa-660-50-b00 DAA-6V50 ssr power controller,
rsaa-660-50-ieo rsaa-660-50-ie0 rsaa-660-50-ido DAA-6V50 solid state contactor,
rsaa/660/50/1e0 rsaa/660/50/ieo rsaa/660/50/ie0 DAA-6V50 thyristor power controller,
g3pb-245b-va rsaa-660-50 rsaa/660/50 DAA-6V50 ssr power controls,
SSRINT660AC50 ssrint-660ac50   DAA-6V50 ssr solid state contactors.
      Upgrade to Power-io solid state contactors:  
rsaa-660-75-100 rsaa-660-75-1d0 rsaa-660-75-1e0 DAA-6V75 Up to 75 amps, sometimes called :
rsaa-660-75-1do rsaa/660/75/1eo rsaa-660-75-b00 DAA-6V75 ssr power controller,
rsaa-660-75-ieo rsaa-660-75-ie0 rsaa-660-75-ido DAA-6V75 solid state contactor,
rsaa/660/75/1e0 rsaa/660/75/ieo rsaa/660/75/ie0 DAA-6V75 thyristor power controller,
rsaa-660-75 rsaa/660/75 rsaa-660-75-be0 DAA-6V75 ssr power controls,
SSRINT660AC75 ssrint-660ac75 rsaa-660-75-beo DAA-6V75 ssr solid state contactors.
      Upgrade to Power-io solid state contactors:  
rsaa-660-100-100 rsaa-660-100-1d0 rsaa-660-100-1e0 DAA-6V100 Up to 100 amps, sometimes called :
rsaa-660-100-1do rsaa/660/100/1eo rsaa-660-100-b00 DAA-6V100 ssr power controller,
rsaa-660-100-ieo rsaa-660-100-ie0 rsaa-660-100-ido DAA-6V100 solid state contactor,
rsaa/660/100/1e0 rsaa/660/100/ieo rsaa/660/100/ie0 DAA-6V100 thyristor power controller,
rsaa-660100-100 rsaa-660100-1d0 rsaa-660100-1e0 DAA-6V100 ssr power controls,
rsaa-660100-1do rsaa/660100/1eo rsaa-660100-b00 DAA-6V100 ssr solid state contactors,
rsaa-660100-ieo rsaa-660100-ie0 rsaa-660100-ido DAA-6V100 solid state starter,
rsaa-660100-be0 rsaa-660100-beo rsaa-660100-boo DAA-6V100 solid state motor starter,
rsaa-660-100 rsaa/660/100 rsaa-660-100-be0 DAA-6V100 PLC solid state contactors,
SSRINT660AC100 ssrint-660ac100 rsaa-660-100-beo DAA-6V100 solid-state relæer
Visit the Power-io 50, 75, or 100 solid state contactors page for more detailed specifications, photos, or further information.

The information above is a guideline only and is subject to change or correction. Please examine all specification parameters to confirm the proper product for your application.

Other cross references: many standard relays, dc activated contactors, Din rail contactors