Power-io solid state relays

Invensys, Barber-Colman, Eurotherm or Continental Industries cross reference list
      Upgrade to Power-io: Description:
ssda-3v10 ssda/3v10/a02 ssda/10a/330v/ldc/cover hda-3v25 ssr power controller
ssda-3v25 ssda/3v25/a02 ssda/25a/330v/ldc/cover hda-3v25 ssr power controller
ssda-3v50 ssda/3v50/a02 ssda/50a/330v/ldc/cover hda-3v50 ssr power controller
ssda-3v75 ssda/3v75/a02 ssda/75a/330v/ldc/cover hda-3v50 ssr power controller
ssda-6v50 ssda/6v50/a02 ssda/50a/660v/ldc/cover hda-6v50 ssr power controller
ssda-6v75 ssda/6v75/a02 ssda/75a/660v/ldc/cover hda-6v75 ssr power controller
ssaa-3v10 ssaa/3v10/a02 ssaa/10a/330v/ldc/cover haa-3v25 ssr power controller
ssaa-3v25 ssaa/3v25/a02 ssaa/25a/330v/ldc/cover haa-3v25 ssr power controller
ssaa-3v50 ssaa/3v50/a02 ssaa/50a/330v/ldc/cover haa-3v50 ssr power controller
ssaa-3v75 ssaa/3v75/a02 ssaa/75a/330v/ldc/cover haa-3v75 ssr power controller
ssaa-6v50 ssaa/6v50/a02 ssaa/50a/660v/ldc/cover haa-6v50 ssr power controller
ssaa-6v75 ssaa/6v75/a02 ssaa/75a/660v/ldc/cover haa-6v75 ssr power controller
      Upgrade to Power-io:  
svda-3v10 svda/3v10/a02 ssda-330-10-0e0 hda-3v25 ssr power controllers
svda-3v25 svda/3v25/a02 ssda-330-25-0e0 hda-3v25 ssr power controllers
svda-3v50 svda/3v50/a02 ssda-330-40-0e0 hda-3v50 ssr power controllers
svda-3v50 svda/3v50/a02 ssda-330-50-0e0 hda-3v50 ssr power controllers
svda-3v75 svda/3v75/a02 ssda-330-75-0e0 hda-3v75 ssr power controllers
svda-6v50 svda/6v50/a02 ssda-660-50-0e0 hda-6v50 ssr power controllers
svda-6v75 svda/6v75/a02 ssda-660-75-0e0 hda-6v75 ssr power controllers
svaa-3v10 svaa/3v10/a02 ssaa-330-10-0e0 haa-3v25 ssr power controllers
svaa-3v25 svaa/3v25/a02 ssaa-330-25-0e0 haa-3v25 ssr power controllers
svaa-3v50 svaa/3v50/a02 ssaa-330-50-0e0 haa-3v50 ssr power controllers
svaa-3v75 svaa/3v75/a02 ssaa-330-75-0e0 haa-3v75 ssr power controllers
svaa-6v50 svaa/6v50/a02 ssaa-660-50-0e0 haa-6v50 ssr power controllers
svaa-6v75 svaa/6v75/a02 ssaa-660-75-0e0 haa-6v75 ssr power controllers
      Upgrade to Power-io:  
s505-osj610-000   rlda-240/15-000 hda-3v25 scr power controller
s505-osj625-000   rp03-24/280-04a hda-3v25 scr power controller
s505-osj640-000     hda-3v50 scr power controller
s505-osj675-000     hda-3v75 scr power controller
s505-osj610-009   rlaa-240/15-00a haa-3v25 scr power controller
s505-osj625-009     haa-3v25 scr power controller
s505-osj640-009     haa-3v50 scr power controller
s505-osj675-009     haa-3v75 scr power controller
      Upgrade to Power-io:  
rsdc-dc-108-000 rsdd/8a/100v/ldc rsdc-dc-108-0e0 hdd-1v20 mosfet power controller
rsdc-dc-112-000 rsdd/12a/100v/ldc rsdc-dc-112-0e0 hdd-1v20 mosfet power controller
rsdc-dc-120-000 rsdd/20a/100v/ldc rsdc-dc-120-0e0 hdd-1v20 mosfet power controller
rsdc-dc-140-000 rsdd/40a/100v/ldc rsdc-dc-140-0e0 hdd-1v40 mosfet power controller

The information above is a guideline only and is subject to change or correction. Please examine all specification parameters to confirm the proper product for your application.

Other cross references: many standard relays, Invensys, Eurotherm, Crydom, Din rail contactors, Continental