DC contactors for custom VDC switching applications

Power-io designs and builds custom contactors such as high amperage dc contactors. By using a high speed control input design, IGBT technology, engineered heat sinks, and large power connectors; we can manufacture low-to-medium volume products for custom applications. These designs can be stand alone, or they can incorporate diagnostics as part of a total control package.

dc contactor

The CDD-1V300 family can switch any voltage from 0-100 VDC and any amperage up to 300-450 amps continuous. This design can withstand momentary start-up inrush of up to 1000 amps and can switch up to 600 amps for 10 seconds.

  • The stand alone control input board is powered by a standard 24 VDC power supply.
  • Control input: 4-32 VDC and less than 5 mA
  • Diagnostic LEDs for control input status and power supply status
  • Dual fan heat sinks are built in.
  • Internal temperature monitoring circuit and auto-shut down at 100C.
  • Small -- only 8 x 8 x 8 inches
dc contactor

With the safety cover removed:

  • Large power connectors can be torqued to specification for your exact wire size
  • Control input board has a standard PWM speed of 2 kHz and can be customized for other speeds or capabilities
  • The modular control input section was designed for expansion and it can support up to 2 additional PCBs for customer-specified features or network communications
  • Optional 48 VDC power supply input for use in military applications or battery backed-up applications
  • Dual Ultra Power Cooler™ (trademark of Power-io) heat sinks

For additional information about custom design capability; high speed DC switching; or high amperage mosfet, IGBT, or thyristors; please visit: CDD Family Data Bulletin.pdf

Contact our factory regarding any custom features for your exact application.