solid state relays ssr relay

din rail solid state relay ssr contactor

New, 3 phase solid state contactor.

Edge-to-edge, the "D" (Din Rail) family continues to provide more amps per square inch of installation space. The new three phase solid state contactor (sometimes called a 3 phase solid state relay, 3Ø ssr, or 3Ø solid-state relay) provides three switched legs of power control in a width of just 1.2 inches per leg, when installed on a din rail. Since the D family can be installed edge-to-edge on the same din rail, with no required air gaps between units, you receive maximum space utilization inside your electrical cabinet.

In addition, the new D family uses the latest international specifications including the A1, A2 control input markings; L1, T1, L2, T2, L3, T3 power terminal markings; a green LED for control input status; the latest CE specification EN 60947-4; and NO need for external filters in order to meet the CE noise specifications. The control input circuit can be ordered as a 10-60 VDC input with a low 8mA requirement; or as a 100-280 VAC input; or as a 4-20mA analog input where 4mA= off, 12mA = 50% pulsing, 16 = 75% pulsing, and 20mA = full on.

The complete part number might look like: DDA3 - 6V75T - H that stands for:

  • Din-rail mounted, universal installation bracket for din rail or panel mount installations
  • DC activated, AC activated, 4-20 Milliamp activated or potentiometer activated using the M model.
  • AC switched output,
  • 3 separate "back-to-back scr thyristor channels" installed,
  • 660 volts max AC switched output. The "6" model is the universal model -- any voltage from 24 - 660 vac, with a blocking voltage of 15% - 75% more rugged than other solid state relays. This provides the maximum in your inventory flexibility, the maximum in blocking voltage specifications, and the maximum in UL / CSA / CE requirements.
  • 75T Total amps switching capability when at 40°C, when packed body-to-body. This represents 25 amps per leg if 3 legs switched (25 x 3), 35 amps per leg if two legs switched (35 x 2), or 35 amps per leg for three legs IF a fan is connected to the fan mounting holes on the bottom of the heat sink.
  • H special options as required.

The new "D" family uses a performance-engineered heat sink and thermal transfer technology. Due to this, the D family can be installed on a din-rail with ZERO inches between relays (on the same din rail) for cooling purposes ! Edge-to-edge, the D family provides more amps per square inch than other brands of industrially hardened, solid state relays. This means that it stands up better to installations where the ambient temperature is warm. Please note -- all D units are rated to operate in an environment of 40°C (104°F) without any derating compared to other units that may be rated only at 20 or 25°C and need to be de-rated at 40°C. The new CE standard EN60947-4 requires that all new solid state relays must meet their specifications at 40°C. The D family uses a highly efficient design so it generates less than 1.2 watts per amp switched. This compares to other units that might generate 50-75% more heat per amp switched. The D family works harder -- runs cooler -- requires less installation space.

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