Cost effective distributed control -- PID, heater control, diagnostics, and networking

Product application example: Build a distributed control system, 4 zones at a time, by using the Power-io and Gefran products.

The one-inch wide Gefran module is a 4 zone, distributed control module, which is directly compatible with Modbus, DeviceNet, Ethernet, CANopen, and other control networks. This module is connected to standard Power-io solid state contactors such as the intelligent C Family products shown here. This permits cost effective control systems to be installed on a machine as close as possible to each process zone. This provides: reduced wiring costs, on-the-machine control zones, and a modular design philosophy for easy machine expansion or modification.

Power-io distributed control
  • 4 universal process inputs for thermocouple, RTD, or analog inputs
  • 4 independent PID control loops
  • 4 solid state contactor channels at up to 100 amps each (4 independent single phase zones). Three phase switching is also available.
  • 4 CT (current transformer) inputs for amperage monitoring
  • 4 configurable secondary outputs -- cooling channels or alarm outputs
  • 2 configurable relay outputs
  • 2 configurable digital inputs
  • Installs on DIN rail or panel mounted
  • Small -- only 8 inches wide by 7 inches high when installed as shown.
  • High density -- only 14 square inches for each 100 amp complete control loop!
  • Each solid state contactor has a diagnostics ALERT output for: SCR fault ON, SCR fault OFF, inbound power failed (open fuse), outbound power failed (open load, open wiring), or thermal problems.
  • One standard communications port per Gefran module using Modbus RTU
  • Optional additional communications port for Fieldbus: Profibus DP, CANopen, DeviceNet, Modbus RTU, Ethernet Modbus TCP

For additional information about each component, please visit: Power-io C Family contactors and Gefran 4 zone control module

Example pricing:

1) As shown in picture: 4 single phase contactor zones, 4 zone Gefran module, Modbus comms = $1629.00 total.

2) Same as above, add additional comms for Ethernet, DeviceNet, or CANopen = $1859 total.

3) Same as #2, add 2-leg break 3 phase delta contactor zones = $2809 total.

Power-io can also quote and supply the external sensors, CTs, fuses, and other process control accessories.