din rail i/o from power-io

The bus stops here -- turn fieldbus i/o into power i/o

There are many fieldbus systems or automation systems consisting of communications and network I/O devices. Here is how you convert network I/O into power I/O.

These pictures include: Allen-Bradley Point I/O, Sixnet IO, Action I/O, National Instruments FieldPoint I/O, IPIO, and PicoServ IO. All of these are directly compatible with the Power-IO family of products.

These are many other companies who also manufacture excellent network I/O products. The pictures that are shown here are for example only. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

network i/o to power i/o

Power-io leads the industry in these network applications for the following reasons:

  • Power-io's "ultra low current-input requirement" (3 - 9 mA) means that the network product, PLC or PC's control signal can activate one or more units without any problems.
  • The I/O modules offer the industry's best flexibility since you can install exactly what you need. Install 1 or 100 without wasting any space or without any concerns about a shared mother-board failing.
  • The small SSRs provide a variety of amperage and voltage choices to match your needs.
  • The din rail units can be installed edge-to-edge on the same din rail, without de-rating, for the highest density installations in the industry.
  • The high amperage 50, 75, or 100 amp din rail units include a built-in, replaceable I²T fuse, resulting in faster installations that require less panel space.
  • 4000 volt isolation between input, output, or adjacent points ensures a high level of safety for personnel or machinery, while reducing ground loop problems.

For more information regarding Power-IO's family of i/o products, please visit:

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