Power-io provides distributed "on-the-machine" control blocks that can reduce wiring costs and installation time.

Power-io and delta due modules


In example #1, the Power-io C Family of solid state contactors provide solid state switching for heater control applications. With up to 100 amps of switching, every 1.6 inches on the din rail; Power-io provides high density power control for industrial applications. In addition, each Power-io contactor provides a diagnostics alarm output that indicates: SCR failed in ON mode, SCR failed in OFF mode, incoming power failure (blown fuse, open breaker), outbound power failure (open load, broken wire), or SCR thermal problems (auto shut-down).

In this example, the Power-io units are part of a temperature control system by Ascon. The Delta modules that are shown are individual temperature control zones using a distributed architecture that permits fast and easy expansion. The modules can be connected to a local HMI and/or to a PLC for total line control applications. A wide variety of Delta modules provide standard, off-the-shelf, solutions.

Power-io and sigma due modules  

In example #2, the control system from Ascon provides greater flexibility. The Sigma modules continue to provide an expandable architecture that is directly compatible with industry standard fieldbus products. In addition, the SigmaPac main CPU module has an on-board 32 bit ARM processor permiting you to customize the control system to more closely match your exact requirements. The SigmaPac main module also stores a copy of each module's operating parameters so that a replacement module can instantly reconfigure itself to the exact parameters that were previously in use.

The Power-io diagnostic output can be tightly integrated into a control strategy that might include logic interlocks, time based functions, and other PLC functions.