Power-io solid state relays and i/o modules
Powerio solid state relays

Solid state relays
0.01 - 75 amp capability

Powerio din rail solid state contactor

"D" din rail solid state relays
0.1 - 100 amp capability

Solid state relays, solid state contactors, IGBT based solid-state relay switching and other automation I/O products

With over 75 years of control experience, Power-io provides advanced products for power control applications, using customized mosfets or solid state relay technology:

  • Solid state relays, SCR, mosfet, or alternistor designs using customized scr dies and thermal transfer technology
  • Custom engineered Maximum Surge Survival™ technology for 3 layers of voltage surge protection
  • Advanced, fourth generation of DCB direct copper bonding technology + optimized thermal engineering + oversized SCR die selection = excellent thermal performance
  • Meets the CE EN60947-4-3 international specification for industrial solid state switching products. This specification demands a higher level of testing than earlier specifications.
  • International terminal designations, internationally accepted green LED for input status indication, international UL, CSA and CE marked
  • Custom control engineering for sophisticated electrical switching applications
  • Smallest installed size -- more amps per square inch of installation area
  • Manufactured in North America and shipped throughout the world.
  • The "H" family of familiar Hockey puck size products permit fast replacements when upgrading from older style solid state relays.
  • The "D" Din rail family offers power switching from 0.1 to 100 amps in an integrated design including: a universal installation bracket, universal voltage range up to 660 volts, and finger safe wire terminals.
  • The "I/O" family provides the smallest input or output modules for PLC, PC, or automation systems.
  • 100% tested products and published test results at 40ºC

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