Temperature / Process Controllers
Universal controller for a variety of applications --
  • temperature controller (machine zone controller, pizza oven controller, PID controller)
  • multi-stage ramp/soak/ramp/soak controller (recipe capability for multiple process steps)
  • wind turbine multi-stage inverter selector (variable wind speed voltage input = selects inverter)
  • EIA485 universal transmitter (collect thermocouple, mA, voltage, RTD data point and transmit to your PC)


  • OEM or other customized applications
  • Din Rail mounting for ease of installation or "out-of-sight" installations
  • Simplified, accurate temperature controllers including auto-tune PID
  • With or without a display
  • Universal input -- TC, RTD, mA, V, or PTC.
  • 2 digital inputs for easy activation of pre-determined selections.
  • EIA Modbus 485 comms
  • 3 to 4 outputs including Power-io compatible SSR drivers, or mechanical relays
  • Options: heat/cool control, timers, compressor protection timer, wattmeter, event outputs, counter, and more
  • Portable programming key -- clone a product, reload a product, transfer to a PC, etc.
  • Custom labels and custom features available

K30 Controller


K85 Controller

Programming key

Portable programming key, clone key, thumb drive

Part Numbers

K30 = Controller + 2 outputs Buy

  Add 8 Segment ramp/soak Buy

  Add output 3 Buy

  Add output 4 Buy

  Add Modbus EIA485 Buy


K85 = Controller + 2 outputs Buy

  Add 8 Segment ramp/soak Buy

  Add output 3 Buy

  Add Modbus EIA485 Buy

K30 Data Bulletin
K85 Data Bulletin