I²T fuses for solid state relays

We recommend fuse protection through the use of properly selected I2t fusing (semiconductor fuses). Devices such as circuit breakers and general purpose fuses, while sufficient and necessary for load and installation protection, do not provide adequate protection for the semiconductor device.

Part Numbers

The part number shows the physical size of the fuse (14 mm or 22 mm diameter) and the amperage of the fuse. The FUSE-HLDR fuse holders are finger safe, din rail units.

Ferrule style fuses: (installs inside the finger safe fuse block shown below)

FUSE-EXT-14-25  I²T Fuse, 14 mm x 51 mm, 25 amp Buy
FUSE-EXT-14-30  I²T Fuse, 14 mm x 51 mm, 30 amp Buy
FUSE-EXT-14-40  I²T Fuse, 14 mm x 51 mm, 40 amp Buy
FUSE-EXT-14-50  I²T Fuse, 14 mm x 51 mm, 50 amp Buy
FUSE-EXT-22-80  I²T Fuse, 22 mm x 58 mm, 80 amp Buy
FUSE-EXT-22-100  I²T Fuse, 22 mm x 58 mm, 100 amp Buy

Finger-Safe Fuse Blocks for Ferrule Style Fuses:

FUSE-HLDR-14-01   Fuse holder, 14 mm, 1 position Buy
FUSE-HLDR-22-01   Fuse holder, 22 mm, 1 position Buy
FUSE-HLDR-14-03   Fuse holder, 14 mm, 3 position Buy

L Bracket Style Fuses (installs inside the DDA-6V50, DDA-6V75, DDA-100 or DAA-6V50, DAA-6V75, DAA-6V100)

FUSE-SEMIBR-63A   I²T Fuse, L bracket style, 63 amp Buy
FUSE-SEMIBR-100   I²T Fuse, L bracket style, 100 amp Buy

Large I²T Fuses and Terminal Blocks:

100 Amp I2T FUSE -- FWP-100B  Buy
125 Amp I2T FUSE -- FWP-125A  Buy
175 Amp I2T FUSE -- FWP-175A  Buy
Free Standing Thermal Block for Large Fuses  Buy

For a printable copy of the data bulletin including the complete specifications: I²T fuses, fuse blocks and I2T fuse accessories


Finger-Safe Fuse Blocks and ferrule style fuse

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Large 125-200 Amp Fuses

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