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Allen-Bradley: Allen-Bradley, AB, A-B, Allen Bradley Data Highway, PLC, SLC are trademarks of Allen Bradley, Rockwell Automation

DuraKool: DuraKool mercury contactors and Durakool mercury relays are trademarks of American Electric Components, Inc. Most mercury contactors (or mdr, mercury displacement relay, mc) can be replaced with solid state contactors from Power-io.

Engineering Talk: Power-io is a contributing author at Power-io solid state relays at EngineeringTalk

Invensys: Invensys, Wonderware, Barber-Colman, Action, Chessell, Invensys Building Systems, Eurotherm, Continental, Foxboro are trademarks of Invensys

POWER-IO: POWER-IO, Maximum Surge Survival, Power-io, Ultra Cool Technology and Ultra Power Cooler are trademarks of POWER-IO. Power - io, "dash is our middle name." Graphic trademarks: SCR symbol, mosfet symbol, igbt symbol.

POWERIO: POWERIO , powerio.com or powerio.net are incorrect spellings of our web name. Please be aware that powerio will not direct you to our site and powerio is not our e-mail address. Our home page is http://www.power-io.com

POWER I/O: POWER I/O , Power i/o, power i/o.com or power i/o.net are also incorrect spellings of our web name. Please be aware that power i/o will not direct you to our site and power i/o is not our e-mail address. Our home page is www.power-io.com

Schneider Zelio: Schneider is a registered trademark. Zelio products are sold at: zelio solid state relays

Miscellaneous: The following names or technologies are trademarks or salesmarks of their respective organizations and may be referenced in the web site: Controlonline, California Solar Panel Disconnect.

POWER-IO has used all reasonable resources and efforts to indicate and supply information regarding trademarks used in this web site. The absence of a trademark identifier is not a representation that a particular word or technology is not a trademark. All trademarks are property of their respective owners. If we have failed to properly show a trademark, please e-mail us at webmaster and we will attempt to correct it.

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