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The products that are designed, manufactured, or sold by POWER-IO are intended to be installed and serviced by trained personnel. In addition, there are local, national, factory, and other regulations (sometimes referred to as the NEC, National Electrical Code, OSHA, or equivalent) that must be strictly followed during the installation and use of any POWER-IO product. Failure to follow all of these regulations can result in downtime, damage, injury, or death.

POWER-IO products can (as is possible with any electronic product) fail without warning. For this reason, POWER-IO can not recommend, condone or warrant any application of our products that could cause harm or injury, in any manner, to any person, equipment, or facility upon such failure of the product. For your safety and to protect the equipment from damage in the event of failure, it might be necessary to insert some type of upper-limit device (such as: thermal) in series with the relay's output to cause discontinuance of current to the load. In addition, it might be necessary to design your application so that an alarm condition will shut down the relay's output to cause discontinuance of current to the load. Additionally, it is advisable to have a mechanical disconnect in the load circuit for service purposes. Caution: the heat sinks are capable of being over 100°C (212°F) when they are operating correctly in an installation. This could cause burns. Always completely de-energize a POWER-IO product and let it cool down before touching the unit. All heat sinks must be installed on a vertical metal surface with unrestricted air flow that flows up, through the fins, and out the top of the heat sink. Mounting the heat sink on a horizontal surface, or limiting the air flow due to other components being installed nearby, will severely decrease the ability for the heat sink to perform as specified. This could cause failures. Always disconnect the electrical power before touching the POWER-IO product or the load, otherwise, an electrical shock hazard may exist. Failure to do this may result in electrocution or death. POWER-IO products are intended for use where access is limited to qualified, trained, service personnel. POWER-IO products are not intended for use in explosive atmospheres. There may be additional applications that are not recommended. Contact us for further information. CE installation category is Class 3 or lower. Please contact our company if you have any doubts or questions as to whether these cautions apply to your application.

Warranty: POWER-IO warrants its products for a period of 1 year from the date of manufacture to be free from defects in both workmanship and materials. POWER-IO assumes no risk or liability for results of the use in combination with any electrical or electronic components, circuits, systems, assemblies, or suitability of any product for use in any circuit or assembly. Purchaser's rights under this warranty shall consist solely of POWER-IO having to repair or replace, free of charge, FOB factory, any qualified, returned item. In no event will POWER-IO be liable for any expressed or implied warranty as to the merchantability, fitness, description, or for special or consequential damages, or for delay in performance of this warranty. The warranty is voided for any product that has been abused, installed improperly, or used incorrectly. Examples of abuse may include: failing to provide the required air flow; failing to design the application to remain with-in 80% of the stated capacity of the POWER-IO product during operation at a given ambient temperature; failing to properly connect and torque the wires; exposure to water, corrosive environments, conductive atmospheres, explosive atmospheres, condensing environments; exposure to amperage, voltage, or voltage surges that are outside of the stated capacity of the POWER-IO product; exposure to voltage surges from nearby equipment; failing to install the product in accordance with ALL local electrical codes, plant safety codes, and UL/cUL/CSA policies; and failing to fuse the product in accordance with POWER-IO's requirements AND in accordance with any and all local electrical codes or electrical requirements. There are other examples of abuse, improper installation, or improper use that have not been listed here.