Power-io solid state contactors

solid state contactors

Power-io solid state contactors, dc activated

  • Up to 50, 75, or 100 amps switched
  • International terminal numbers, CE, UL, CSA
  • Oversized internal SCRs for extended life
  • Universal, upgrade model
  • Switches any voltage from 48-660 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz
  • Activated by any dc signal from 4-28 VDC at 6-9 mA = compatible with most PLCs, controllers, TTL systems, or PC based control packages
Cross reference list
      Upgrade to Power-io solid state contactors: Description:
rsda-660-50-100 rsda-660-50-1d0 rsda-660-50-1e0 DDA-6V50 Up to 50 amps, sometimes called :
rsda-660-50-1d0 rsda/660/50/1eo rsda-660-50-b00 DDA-6V50 ssr power controller,
rsda-660-50-ieo rsda-660-50-ie0 rsda-660-50-ido DDA-6V50 solid state contactor,
rsda/660/50/1e0 rsda/660/50/ieo rsda/660/50/ie0 DDA-6V50 thyristor power controller,
g3pb-245b-vd rsda-660-50 rsda/660/50 DDA-6V50 ssr power controls,
SSRINT660DC50 ssrint-660dc50   DDA-6V50 ssr solid state contactors.
      Upgrade to Power-io solid state contactors:  
rsda-660-75-100 rsda-660-75-1d0 rsda-660-75-1e0 DDA-6V75 Up to 75 amps, sometimes called :
rsda-660-75-1do rsda/660/75/1eo rsda-660-75-b00 DDA-6V75 ssr power controller,
rsda-660-75-ieo rsda-660-75-ie0 rsda-660-75-ido DDA-6V75 solid state contactor,
rsda/660/75/1e0 rsda/660/75/ieo rsda/660/75/ie0 DDA-6V75 thyristor power controller,
rsda-660-75 rsda/660/75 rsda-660-75-be0 DDA-6V75 ssr power controls,
SSRINT660DC75 ssrint-660dc75 rsda-660-75-beo DDA-6V75 ssr solid state contactors.
      Upgrade to Power-io solid state contactors:  
rsda-660-100-100 rsda-660-100-1d0 rsda-660-100-1e0 DDA-6V100 Up to 100 amps, sometimes called :
rsda-660-100-1do rsda/660/100/1eo rsda-660-100-b00 DDA-6V100 ssr power controller,
rsda-660-100-ieo rsda-660-100-ie0 rsda-660-100-ido DDA-6V100 solid state contactor,
rsda/660/100/1e0 rsda/660/100/ieo rsda/660/100/ie0 DDA-6V100 thyristor power controller,
rsda-660100-100 rsda-660100-1d0 rsda-660100-1e0 DDA-6V100 ssr power controls,
rsda-660100-1do rsda/660100/1eo rsda-660100-b00 DDA-6V100 ssr solid state contactors,
rsda-660100-ieo rsda-660100-ie0 rsda-660100-ido DDA-6V100 solid state starter,
rsda-660100-be0 rsda-660100-beo rsda-660100-boo DDA-6V100 solid state motor starter,
rsda-660-100 rsda/660/100 rsda-660-100-be0 DDA-6V100 PLC solid state contactors,
SSRINT660DC100 ssrint-660dc100 rsda-660-100-beo DDA-6V100 solid-state relæer
Visit the Power-io 50, 75, or 100 solid state contactors page for more detailed specifications, photos, or further information.

The information above is a guideline only and is subject to change or correction. Please examine all specification parameters to confirm the proper product for your application.

Other cross references: many standard relays, ac activated solid state contactors, Din rail contactors