Din rail solid state relays or ssr modules

solid state contactors solid state contactors

The universal mounting bracket permits either din rail mounting or panel mounting by using 4 screws. Terminals L1 and T1 accept 8 to 3 AWG copper wire and should be torqued to 40 inch pounds. Terminals 3/A1 and 4/A2 are the normal control input terminals. Terminals 5, 6, and 7 are for custom designed inputs or special features.

The 50 amp model is shown here. The 75 and 100 amp models use the same design and they use heat sinks that are slightly wider than the 50 amp heat sink.

solid state contactors

This photo has the 2 safety covers removed. The empty space on the right side is to permit custom designed features as requested by customer specifications. Contact Power-io if you have special requirements, such as: different input ranges, time delayed features, special diagnostics, and more. The internal I²T fuse can be easily changed. On the 100 amp models, some customers may prefer to substitute a Power-io copper bus bar for the fuse. This permits the installation to use an external 100 amp fuse and fuse holder. If your electrical installation is warm, this helps to reduce nuisance fuse tripping since I²T fuses clear (open) more easily when they are warm.

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