Hydroelectric turbine generator control systems, using Power-io.

In South America, SEMI is a premier manufacturer of turbines and control systems for power plants. The pictures below show a typical 6MW Francis Turbine system. Every turbine requires a current driver for the generator exciter circuit. This is provided using the Power-io HDD-9V30E which can switch up to 900 VDC and up to 30amps each.

The critical application parameters include:

  • High precision, high speed, PWM capability when connected to the PLC control system.
  • Extremely high performance reliability, especially at temperatures up to 50 degrees C (122F) without air conditioning assistance.
  • Ability to have a master PCB installed above the Power-io unit for additional functions.

The OEM packages the Power-io, PCB, heat sink and related components into one complete unit for ease of local installation.

Hydro power turbine


hydro-electricity drive hydro-electricity drive
drive electronics
Power-io drive electronics

Pictures provided by Semi, used with permission.