Real power in the palm of your hand
100 amp solid state contactor

The Power-io solid state contactor family and the solid state motor starter family provide 50, 75, or 100 amps of power switching capability while using 12 to 23 square inches of panel space. The 100 amp unit, shown here, is only 4.7 inches wide (120mm). This makes it an ideal size to replace many mechanical or mercury contactors. The solid state contactor also benefits you in the following ways:

  • No moving parts or contacts to ever wear out
  • No mercury which is regulated or prohibited in many countries, or in food handling applications, or in several states in the USA.
  • Precise turn on and turn off exactly at the zero crossing mark = clean, noise free electrical power control.
  • Rapid control cycles = improved heater life when used for electrical heater applications such as plastics machinery, food processing ovens, furnaces, duct heaters, immersion heaters, and drying equipment.

The 50 amp model is only 2.4 inches wide (60mm) and the 75 amp model is 3.5 inches wide (90mm). All models are CSA and UL recognized, and CE marked to the CE EN60947-4-3 specification. This is the modern CE specification that requires testing at 40°C. This specification is a dramatic upgrade from the older specifications that tested solid state contactors at only 25°C (room temperature).

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