3 Phase Solid state contactors

1-65 amp per phase
up to 600 volts AC switching

  • 3 independent channels for 3 phase switching
  • Optically isolated for 4000 volt isolation
  • Green LED input status indicator
  • Universal control inputs, depending upon how you wire them:
  • 12-96 VDC control input at 8mA, a frequent choice for PLC outputs that are 24 VDC.
  • 4-32 VDC control input at 24mA, a frequent choice for small temperature controllers that might have 5-12 VDC outputs
  • 90-264 VAC control inputs
  • RoHS compliant.
  • UL and CE EN 60947-4-3 (the most robust CE for solid state relay products)
  • Power terminals are rated for 8-16AWG wire. Up to two 8 AWG wires max, per terminal.

3 phase SSR
80mm wide heat sink
80mm wide heat sink
Optional Din Clip
Optional Din Clip
6 AWG lug
6 AWG lug
Mounting Footprint
Mounting Footprint
Part Numbers: (Number of SSRs, Model, Ultra Power Cooler heatsink, C Family, type of fan):
DC Control Input:  
3-HDA-6V50E-UPC-C-DC   up to 50A per phase, 48-600 VAC switched, DC control input Buy
3-HDA-6V90E-UPC-C-DC   up to 65A per phase, 48-600 VAC switched, DC control input Buy
AC Control Input:  
3-HAA-6V50E-UPC-C-DC   up to 50A per phase, 48-600 VAC switched, 90-264 AC control input Buy
3-HAA-6V90E-UPC-C-DC   up to 65A per phase, 48-600 VAC switched, 90-264 AC control input, Buy
Add: Din Rail Clip   for installation on a standard din rail Buy
Copper lug for 6 AWG size wire    Buy
Change internal fan to 120 VAC fan    Buy

  • The heat sink is rated for 0.177 C/W. That means that it will dissipate the heat from a TOTAL of approximately 200 amps of Power-io SSRs. If you are using 3 Power-io SSRs, then you are limited to approximately 66 amps per Power-io SSR, when in a warm environment of 40C or less.
  • The Power-io VDC control inputs are universal for a variety of installations. See: How to wire the control inputs for a 3 phase application.
  • It is important to anticipate three installation conditions: avoid over-amperage, over-voltage (surges), or over-temperature. See: solid-state-relay-extended-life.htm