C Family of Solid State Contactors --
The new standard for industrially hardened, solid state contactors


  • 2 switching channels for up to 100 amps per leg
  • Two independent channels OR install it as a 2 pole contactor
  • SMALL -- only 80 mm by 175mm (~3x7 inches)
  • Maximum Surge Survival™ technology -- triple layer, voltage surge protection
  • New heat sink, in 2023, is 18% more effective
  • Bolt on installation bracket, or optional Din Rail Clip
  • REAL POWER switching channels, up to 100 amps each, are each only 1.6 inches wide
  • Fast, easy replacement for mercury contactors -- same size, same wiring
  • Heater contactor, lighting contactor, or motor starter
  • Modular design for flexibility in stocking, installing, and maintaining
  • Green LEDs for input status
  • Built-in snubber circuit and MOVs
  • Built in temperature monitor and temperature shutdown
  • Precise zero crossing switching -- lowest EMI, lowest noise to nearby electronics
  • 4000 volt isolation, 1400 volt blocking voltage, 1650 max amperage for one sinewave
  • Industry standard L1, T1, L2, T2, A1, A2, B1, B2 terminal numbers
  • High density design permits more amps per square inch of installation area
C Family solid state contactor


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Part Numbers

CZ2H-IAC2   Solid State Contactor, 2 channels at up to 100 amps per channel, 575V max, AC control input. Includes heat sink. Buy

DIN RAIL CLIP.    Clips onto a standard 35 mm din rail. Buy

CZ2H-IAC2-A02   Solid State Contactor, 2 channels at up to 100 amps per channel, 575V max, AC control input. Customer to supply own heat sink. Example: for replacement purposes, for large applications (100-500 zones) using a large external heat sink, or military applications when installed directly to the ship or vehicle's frame.Buy Always use Thermal Transfer Compound (Thermal Grease) when installing a "A02" Top Hat assembly onto a heat sink.

For additional information and complete product specifications, please see the four page: C Family Solid State Contactor Data Bulletin  For high inrush applications, confirm the maximum amperage requirements for the load.

Part Number Line Voltage Range (VAC) Load Current Range (A RMS) Min Control Voltage & Current Draw Max Control Voltage & Current Draw
CZ2H-IAC2 24-575 .25-100 per channel 100VAC/7mA 280VAC/13.3mA
AC activated control inputs typically do NOT need a burden resistor when activated by a triac output controller or triac output PLC.
Off-State dv/dt >3000 v/µs
Isolation 4000 volts isolation: Line to control input 1; Line to control input 2, Line to base
I²T fuse 100A or less, for example: Bussman FWP-100A22F, or smaller. High inrush loads, motors, incandescent lights, stadium lighting may be able to use higher I²T fuses, under certain circumstances. Contact Power-io before using any I²T fuse greater than 100 amps.
Turn-on time One sinewave max, max imbalance delay 1/2 sinewave
Turn-off time One sinewave max, max imbalance delay 1/2 sinewave
Power terminals Will accept #8- #2 AWG wire. Torque: 40-50 inch lbs.
Control terminals Will accept #24- #12 AWG wire. Torque: 3-6 inch lbs.