Analog 4-20mA input, solid state relays

Up to 90 amp solid state relays
up to 277 VAC switching
Individual solid state relay hockey pucks or pre-assembled onto heat sinks

  • Analog 4-20mA input from a PLC, temperature controller or potentiometer
  • ULTRA Fast, zero crossing switching generating no electronic noise
  • The internal microprocessor calculates the minimum number of half sine waves needed to generate the requested performance. For example: a 33% request for output = one half sine wave ON, two half sine waves OFF, 1 ON, 2 OFF, .... The microprocesser accumulates fractional half sine wave information, and inserts it when it has reached a half sine wave in size.
  • The sine wave reference wire permits the microprocessor to precisely syncronize to the zero crossing mark, producing electrically clean, noise-free switching.
  • Great for high speed heater loads, extrusion dies, packaging machines, sealing bars, IR heaters, and other small-mass loads that are quick to respond.
  • Pulses the heater ON/OFF/ON/OFF 20-40 times per second
  • Quick pulsing extends heater life by reducing thermal expansion and contraction stress
  • Fourth generation Maximum Surge Survival™ technology for superior performance
  • Internal, SCR thyristors and fourth generation DCB Direct Copper Bonding thermal optimization provide longer life than other solid state relays
  • Optically isolated for 4000 volt isolation
  • International green LED input status indicator and terminal numbers (L1, T1, A1, A2)
  • Clear safety cover included
  • 800 volt blocking voltage in the 3V models (very high voltage surge blocking)
  • Ultra-Precise zero voltage turn-on to eliminate EMI noise, without the need for CE filters
  • Engineered internal snubber circuit for robust performance
  • RoHS compliant.
  • CE EN 60947-4-3 (the newest and most difficult international CE specification).
  • UL
  • Made in the USA.
  • When used with a 5k potentiometer; add a 820 ohm, 5%, 1/2 watt resistor and a 24 VDC power supply.
  • This Power-io unit is NOT a "phase angle" switching product. A phase angle product can "dim" a heater by slicing off part of every half sine wave (120 slices per second in a 60Hz application). That generates electronic noise (120 noise events per second) which could require noise filters, may impact nearby PLCs and computers, and it might be banned by CE regulations at your installation site.
  • If you require higher amperage, higher voltage, a stronger heat sink, 2-leg-break 3 phase, and a diagnostic output; Power-io also provides ultra high speed switching in our: C Family, dual 100 amp contactor

4-20ma solid state relay

analog input solid state relay

potentiometer input SSR
solid state relay on a heatsink
solid state relay heat sink
heat sink for SSR
dual solid state relay heat sink
Dual on a HEATSK-DIN-0.6D
triple solid state relay heat sink
Triple on a UPC with fan
Part Numbers: Pre-installed* on:
Heat Sink
Heat Sink
Analog 4-20mA Control Input: SSR
HMA-3V50E   up to 50A, 24-277 VAC max, 4-20mA activated Buy Buy Buy
HMA-3V90E   up to 90A, 24-277 VAC max, 4-20mA activated Buy   Buy
* Pre-installed = Solid state relay + thermal transfer pad or thermal grease + 2 mounting screws + torqued to 20-25 inch pounds + the heat sink shown. For the fastest on site installations, using the pre-assembled packages is beneficial. Power-io can design other assemblies, contact us with your specifications. The Ultra Power Cooler™ is a small footprint, thermally engineered, fan assisted heat sink. Please provide 120 vac, 9 watts, power for the fan.

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