Power-io oac odc io modules
OAC & ODC modules for AC or DC i/o outputs


  • Highest density din rail i/o -- only 0.3 inches wide
  • LED for logic status
  • Industry standard color coded
  • Optically isolated
  • Rugged -- internal 15 amp circuit for high inrush capability
  • TTL compatible
  • 4000 volt isolation
  • Front, replaceable 3 amp fuse
  • High density design permits more outputs per din rail location
  • CE EN60947, UL recognized, CSA, RoHS
  • The quickest way to install: small, fused output, isolated, i/o terminal blocks.
  • CE Safety Specification: EN60947-4-3:2000 including amendment A1
  • CE Emissions Specification: EN60947-4-3:2000 Class A including amendment A1
  • CE Immunity Specification: EN60947-4-3:2000 including amendment A1
  • EMC Directive: 2004/108/EC
  • Low Voltage Directive: 2006/95/EC
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i.o. module, oac, i/o, io, io-oac, io/oacio-odc-60 module

Part Numbers

Red case color: DC output
IO - ODC - 60   DC logic input = switched DC output, RoHS Buy

The IO-ODC-60 has been discontinued. A possible replacement is the HDD-1V25E. That unit is faster, stronger, and it handles a wider range of loads. The HDD-1V25E is physically larger in size. See: our HDD product page for complete details.
HDD-1V25E   DC logic input = switched DC output, RoHS Buy

Black case color: AC output
IO - OAC - 280   DC logic input = switched AC output, RoHS Buy
IO - OAC - 280 - 280A   AC logic input = switched AC output, RoHS Buy

IO - JUMPER - 010   Ten position jumper strip Buy
IO - MARKER-001   Markers 1-10, 50 total Buy
IO - MARKER-011   Markers 11-20, 50 total Buy
HDD_DIODE    A high speed diode to install across the inductive load, if switched by an IO-ODC-60 or IO-ODC-60-LL or SSM1D26BD Buy

Customized models: contact the Power-io factory for specific details before ordering. If you require special features, contact us.

IO - ODC - 60 - LL   DC logic input = DC switched output non-standard, special ultra-low leakage model, consult factory before ordering. Only used when the DC load is susceptible to false triggering such as some direct-microprocessor input circuits. Replaced by SSM1D26BD Buy

IO - ODC - 60 (Special: No Fusing Option)   DC logic input = DC switched output non-standard. The no fuse option is used by high G-force mobile equipment where the vibration was excessive, deep sea submersible robotic equipment, and other applications where fuse replacement wasn't a practical consideration. The fuse was replaced by a soldered-in bus bar. The module is white in color. Replaced by SSM1D26BD Buy


Part Number Logic (input) Voltage Range Logic (input) Impedance (Rc) Ohm Field (output) Voltage Range Field (output) Current Range @ 45°C Turn On/Turn Off Time Max Output Leakage Current @ Max Field Voltage Field (output) Voltage drop@ Max Current Output
AC output, black case color
IO-OAC-280 4-28 VDC 1,500 12-280 VAC 0.10 - 3 amp* <8.6 ms @ 60Hz 5 mA 1.65
IO-OAC-280-280A 90-280 VAC 40,000 12-280 VAC 0.10 - 3 amp* <8.6 ms @ 60Hz 5 mA 1.65
DC output, red case color
IO-ODC-60 4-28 VDC 1,500 5-60 VDC 0 - 3 amp* 40 µs On, 40 µs Off, 1 mA 1
IO-ODC-60-LL 4-28 VDC 1,500 5-60 VDC 0 - 3 amp* 50 µs On, 100 µs Off, 100 µA 1
*Temperature 0-70°C operating temperature. The 3 amp maximum amperage output is only achieved when there is <45°C air surrounding all sides of the module. For example: leave 0.30 inches of space between each module on a din rail. Derate the modules if the ambient air temperature is higher and/or if the modules are tightly stacked together. For warm environments or higher amperage applications, use the "D" family of Power-IO. The D family is approximately: the same height on the din rail; the same terminal locations (AC switch on one side, logic input on the other); for 1-25 amp switching.
Isolation 4000 volts isolation to logic on all part numbers
ODC current requirements The input current draw for 4 - 28 vdc logic activated ODC modules = (V - 1)/1500. For example: if your microprocessor controller generates a 12 VDC signal, then (12 Vdc - 1) / 1500 = 7.33 mA current requirements
LED purpose and color The green LED represents when a control input is present on terminals 3 and 4. If the LED is red, you have the incorrect + and - polarity on the control inputs (only applies to vdc control inputs).
PWM outputs The IO-ODC-60 has a high speed output. However, when used in PWM applications, the recommended maximum PWM speed is 1-2 kHz. For applications requiring PWM speeds of up to 15kHz, we recommend the HDD products as shown at: HDD DC switching solid state relays
Terminals Will accept #24-#10 AWG wire. Torque: 5-7 inch lbs.
Fuse 3 amp, 5x20mm fast fuse. Field replaceable, standard Cooper Bussmann glass fuse.
Representative Schematics
IO-OAC-280 : A DC logic input on terminals 3 and 4 = an AC switch will occur between terminals 1 and 2.   IO-ODC-60 and IO-ODC-60-LL : A DC logic input on terminals 3 and 4 = a DC switch will occur between terminals 1 and 2.
IO-OAC-280-280A : An AC logic input on terminals 3 and 4 = an AC switch will occur between terminals 1 and 2.  

Zoomed in product pictures
Four color coded I/O modules and the labels on the sides, IO-JUMPER-010, IO-MARKERs
OAC or ODC higher resolution wiring schmatic