Power-io oac odc io modules
OAC & ODC modules for AC or DC i/o outputs


  • Highest density din rail i/o -- only 0.3 inches wide
  • LED for logic status
  • Industry standard color coded
  • Optically isolated
  • Rugged -- internal 15 amp circuit for high inrush capability
  • TTL compatible
  • 4000 volt isolation
  • Front, replaceable 3 amp fuse
  • High density design permits more outputs per din rail location
  • CE EN60947, UL recognized, CSA, RoHS
  • The quickest way to install: small, fused output, isolated, i/o terminal blocks.
  • CE Safety Specification: EN60947-4-3:2000 including amendment A1
  • CE Emissions Specification: EN60947-4-3:2000 Class A including amendment A1
  • CE Immunity Specification: EN60947-4-3:2000 including amendment A1
  • EMC Directive: 2004/108/EC
  • Low Voltage Directive: 2006/95/EC
i.o. module, odc, i/o, io, io-odc, io/odc

i.o. module, oac, i/o, io, io-oac, io/oacio-odc-60 module

Part Numbers

Red case color: DC output
IO - ODC - 60   DC logic input = switched DC output, RoHS Buy

Black case color: AC output
IO - OAC - 280   DC logic input = switched AC output, RoHS Buy
IO - OAC - 280 - 280A   AC logic input = switched AC output, RoHS Buy

IO - JUMPER - 010   Ten position jumper strip Buy
IO - MARKER-001   Markers 1-10, 50 total Buy
IO - MARKER-011   Markers 11-20, 50 total Buy
HDD_DIODE    A high speed diode to install across the inductive load, if switched by an IO-ODC-60 or IO-ODC-60-LL Buy

Customized models: contact the Power-io factory for specific details before ordering. If you require special features, contact us.

IO - ODC - 60 - LL   DC logic input = DC switched output non-standard, special ultra-low leakage model, consult factory before ordering. Only used when the DC load is susceptible to false triggering such as some direct-microprocessor input circuits. Buy(Sometimes, it is possible to use a standard IO-IDC-028-P module as a "sinking signal" to trigger a microprocessor input.)

IO - ODC - 60 (Special: No Fusing Option)   DC logic input = DC switched output non-standard. The no fuse option is used by high G force mobile equipment where the vibration was excessive, deep sea submersible robotic equipment, and other applications where fuse replacement wasn't a practical consideration. The fuse was replaced by a soldered-in bus bar. The module is white in color. Buy


Part Number Logic (input) Voltage Range Logic (input) Impedance (Rc) Ohm Field (output) Voltage Range Field (output) Current Range @ 45°C Turn On/Turn Off Time Max Output Leakage Current @ Max Field Voltage Field (output) Voltage drop@ Max Current Output
AC output, black case color
IO-OAC-280 4-28 VDC 1,500 12-280 VAC 0.10 - 3 amp* <8.6 ms @ 60Hz 5 mA 1.65
IO-OAC-280-280A 90-280 VAC 40,000 12-280 VAC 0.10 - 3 amp* <8.6 ms @ 60Hz 5 mA 1.65
DC output, red case color
IO-ODC-60 4-28 VDC 1,500 5-60 VDC 0 - 3 amp* 40 µs On, 40 µs Off, 1 mA 1
IO-ODC-60-LL 4-28 VDC 1,500 5-60 VDC 0 - 3 amp* 50 µs On, 100 µs Off, 100 µA 1
*Temperature 0-70°C operating temperature. The 3 amp maximum amperage output is only achieved when there is <45°C air surrounding all sides of the module. For example: leave 0.30 inches of space between each module on a din rail. Derate the modules if the ambient air temperature is higher and/or if the modules are tightly stacked together. For warm environments or higher amperage applications, use the "D" family of Power-IO. The D family is approximately: the same height on the din rail; the same terminal locations (AC switch on one side, logic input on the other); for 1-25 amp switching.
Isolation 4000 volts isolation to logic on all part numbers
ODC current requirements The input current draw for 4 - 28 vdc logic activated ODC modules = (V - 1)/1500. For example: if your microprocessor controller generates a 12 VDC signal, then (12 Vdc - 1) / 1500 = 7.33 mA current requirements
LED purpose and color The green LED represents when a control input is present on terminals 3 and 4. If the LED is red, you have the incorrect + and - polarity on the control inputs (only applies to vdc control inputs).
PWM outputs The IO-ODC-60 has a high speed output. However, when used in PWM applications, the recommended maximum PWM speed is 1-2 kHz. For applications requiring PWM speeds of up to 15kHz, we recommend the HDD products as shown at: HDD DC switching solid state relays
Terminals Will accept #24-#10 AWG wire. Torque: 5-7 inch lbs.
Fuse 3 amp, 5x20mm fast fuse. Field replaceable, standard Cooper Bussmann glass fuse.
Representative Schematics
IO-OAC-280 : A DC logic input on terminals 3 and 4 = an AC switch will occur between terminals 1 and 2.   IO-ODC-60 and IO-ODC-60-LL : A DC logic input on terminals 3 and 4 = a DC switch will occur between terminals 1 and 2.
IO-OAC-280-280A : An AC logic input on terminals 3 and 4 = an AC switch will occur between terminals 1 and 2.  

Zoomed in product pictures
Four color coded I/O modules and the labels on the sides, IO-JUMPER-010, IO-MARKERs
OAC or ODC higher resolution wiring schmatic