Solid state relays for DC load switching

Up to 75 amp solid state relays, up to 900 VDC loads switched
Individual solid state relay hockey pucks or pre-assembled onto heat sinks

POWER-IO also does custom designed solid state relays, multi-zone ssr units, custom input ranges for solid state relays, and more. Additional models include: solid state relays for AC loads, AC switching solid state relay + heat sink + din rail mounting, and other solid state relay products.

  • Internal, oversized mosfets + advanced metalized ceramic design = increased reliability, less thermal rise, and longer life
  • Internal, IGBT design in the 600 VDC HDD-6V20E and the 900 VDC HDD-9V30E
  • International green LED that indicates input status for fast, visual diagnostics
  • Optically isolated for 1500 volts and 2100 Vpk
  • 10 - 20kHz FAST PWM speeds
  • Ideal for activating robotics, DC servos, PWM dc loads, alternative energy applications, automated test equipment, DC motors, vehicle accessories, battery powered lighting, battery back-up applications, and similar DC applications.
  • All parameters shown are at 40ºC, a factory-hardened specification
  • Versatile high side or low side switching of the load
  • When used with inductive VDC motors, make sure that the relay is at least twice the motor's voltage. (Example: a 48 vdc motor needs a 100 volt relay)
  • Do you require custom features, special labels, military specifications, custom platings, unique performance curves? Contact Power-io directly.

New, "E" Family of Expanded features: fastest, coolest, lighter weight, RoHS, CE, Made in the USA:

HDD-06V75E   up to 60VDC max, up to 75A, 3-32 VDC activated Buy
HDD-1V25E   up to 100VDC max, up to 25A, 3-32 VDC activated Buy
HDD-1V50E   up to 100VDC max, up to 50A, 3-32 VDC activated Buy
HDD-2V40E   up to 200VDC max, up to 40A, 3-32 VDC activated Buy
HDD-6V20E   up to 600VDC max, up to 20A, 3-32 VDC activated Buy
HDD-9V30E   up to 900VDC max, up to 30A, 3-32 VDC activated

Traditional Part Numbers: have been replaced by the newer, more powerful, HDD-E products shown above. Please use the newer models shown above.

HDD-06V75   up to 60VDC max, up to 75A, 4.35-32 VDC activated
HDD-1V20   up to 100VDC max, up to 20A, 4.35-32 VDC activated
HDD-1V40   up to 100VDC max, up to 40A, 4.35-32 VDC activated
HDD-2V25   up to 200VDC max, up to 25A, 4.35-32 VDC activated
HDD-6V15   up to 600VDC max, up to 15A, 4.35-32 VDC activated

New, "E" family
Expanded & Enhanced

solid state relay

the traditional family has been replaced by the newer HDD-E family

dc switching solid state relay
solid state relay
HDD_DIODE    A high speed diode (0-600VDC applications) Buy
HDD_DIODE_1000V4A    A high speed diode (0-900 VDC applications) Buy
MOV_V36ZA80P    MOV for H-Bridge applications, for clockwise/counter clockwise of 1-24 VDC motors. (For example: h-bridge) Buy

Pre-assembled units: Some popular choices for the solid state relay, mounted on a properly sized heat sink, including a safety cover, thermal pad or thermal grease, and properly torqued installation screws. A HEATSK-DIN-2.0 is a small heat sink for low-to-medium amp applications (<22 watts thermal rise at 40C installations). The HEATSK-DIN-1.0D is for higher amperage applications (<42 watts thermal rise) and/or warm installations.

HDD-06V75E-HS2.0   HDD-06V75E on a HEATSK-DIN-2.0 heat sink (<47 amps)Buy
HDD-06V75E-HS1.0U   HDD-06V75E on a HEATSK-DIN-1.0U heat sink (<75 amps)Buy

HDD-1V25E-HS2.0   HDD-1V25E on a HEATSK-DIN-2.0 heat sink (<25 amps)Buy

HDD-1V50E-HS2.0   HDD-1V50E on a HEATSK-DIN-2.0 heat sink (<40 amps) Buy
HDD-1V50E-HS1.0U   HDD-1V50E on a HEATSK-DIN-1.0U heat sink (<50 amps) Buy

HDD-2V40E-HS2.0   HDD-2V40E on a HEATSK-DIN-2.0 heat sink (<26 amps) Buy
HDD-2V40E-HS1.0U   HDD-2V40E on a HEATSK-DIN-1.0U heat sink (<40 amps) Buy

HDD-6V20E-HS2.0   HDD-6V20E on a HEATSK-DIN-2.0 heat sink (<12 amps) Buy
HDD-6V20E-HS1.0U   HDD-6V20E on a HEATSK-DIN-1.0U heat sink (<20 amps) Buy

HDD-9V30E-HS2.0   HDD-9V30E on a HEATSK-DIN-2.0 heat sink (<10 amps) Buy
HDD-9V30E-HS1.0U   HDD-9V30E on a HEATSK-DIN-1.0U heat sink (<22 amps) Buy

solid state relays heatsink

solid state relay heat sink

Purchase heat sinks, thermal pads, pre-installation options separately    Parts page

Factory custom models. Power-io can custom build a models for your exact requirements. Please consult the Power-io factory for the latest information. Examples:

Custom feature: 25 microamp leakage during turn OFF. Example: ultra high speed turn OFF for automatic test equipment applications. HDD-xxxxE-LL
Custom feature: 80kHz ultra-high speed PWM version -- HDD-1V25E-80kHz

  New "E Family" Part Numbers


HDD-06V75E HDD-1V25E HDD-1V50E HDD-2V40E HDD-6V20E HDD-9V30E
Operating voltage 0-60 VDC 0-100 VDC 0-100 VDC 0-200 VDC 0-600 VDC 0-900 VDC
Min turn-on voltage/current 3 VDC / 9 mA
Max turn-on voltage/current 32 VDC / 20 mA
Min turn-off voltage 1 VDC
Amps output, continuous, with proper heat sink 75 amps 25 amps 50 amps 40 amps 20 amps 30 amps
Max on-state voltage drop at current output at 40ºC base plate temperature 0.60VDC 0.50 VDC 0.50 VDC 1.4 VDC 1.9 VDC 2.0 VDC
Current surge, non-repetitive 640 A peak 220 A peak 440 A peak 260 A peak 80 A peak 90 A peak
On state resistance max at current output at 40ºC base plate temperature 0.01 ohm 0.025 ohm 0.014 ohm 0.033 ohm IGBT IGBT
Thermal resistance (Tj=115°C) 0.5 °C/W 1.0 °C/W 0.5 °C/W 0.5 °C/W 0.7 °C/W 0.3 °C/W
Leakage at 50°C 0.1 mA 0.1 mA 0.1 mA 0.1 mA 0.5 mA 0.5 mA
Max turn-on output time, control input at >8VDC, DC Line at >8VDC 15 µsecond 15 µsecond 15 µsecond 15 µsecond 15 µsecond 25 µsecond
Max turn-off output time 15 µsecond 15 µsecond 15 µsecond 15 µsecond 15 µsecond 25 µsecond
High frequency switching test
©2004 Power-io's high speed test results. High speed is achieved with a strong control signal.
100% of relays are tested at 10 - 20 kHz @ 50% duty cycle, @ 8V or greater control input, at >10mA, and a 10 volt or greater dc load. With a strong control input signal, this provides:
  • 20kHz PWM speed in the HDD-06V75E to HDD-6V20E models
  • 10kHz PWM speed in the HDD-9V30E
Dielectric strength (input-output-base plate) 2100 Vpk, 1500 Vrms
Capacitance input to output 8 pf
Ambient operating temperature range -40 to +85°C. Amperage derating curve decreases from full amperage at 40°C to zero amperage at 100°C when a proper heat sink and air flow pattern are in use. Design your application so that you do not exceed 80% of the max amperage at a given temperature in order to anticipate load variations.
Inductive load protection diode -- recommended for all inductive loads, even "slightly" inductive loads All inductive DC loads require a high speed protective diode across the load. Two recommended choices are:
  • HDD_DIODE = a 2 amp, DO-41 package, 600V reverse voltage, 75ns Buy
  • HDD_DIODE_1000V4A = a 4 amp, DO-201AD package, 1000V reverse voltage, 75ns Buy
These diodes are available in the price list shown above. Normally, the diode is installed across the load. If the wiring is long, the diode should be installed so that it supresses the inductive load AND the inductive long wires. Some high speed loads or h-bridges might use a MOV instead of the diode.

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  7. How to use a negative control signal, such as -12 VDC? Connect ZERO to terminal 3+, connect -12VDC to terminal 4-. That is viewed as a 12 VDC differential, and it will work fine. You still need >10mA for high speed turn ON/OFF/ON/OFF PWM.
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