Zelio solid state relay and SSR heat sinks

1-125 amp solid state relays
up to 300 volts or 600 volts, AC switching
Individual solid state relay hockey pucks or pre-assembled onto heat sinks

  • Internal, triacs or SCR thyristors
  • Optically isolated for 4000 volt isolation
  • International green LED input status indicator
  • (Near) Zero voltage turn-on to eliminate most EMI noise, CE noise filters are also available
  • UL recognition, CE EN 60950 which means that the test results are at 25ºC (office temperature). Please de-rate the amperage capability when used at a warmer temperature, such as 40ºC factory temperatures.
  • For larger wire installations, or 50-100 amp applications, please visit the C Family of products.
    For AC control inputs: CZ2H-IAC2
    or DC control inputs + diagnostics: CZ2H-IDC2
  • Ideal for OEMs or similar applications where price is the leading requirement
  • Additional amperage, voltage, or control inputs are available. Contact us for details.
  • Special, introductory price.

solid state relay
solid state relay
Part Numbers: Pre-installed* on:
Heat Sink
Heat Sink
4-32 VDC Control Input: SSR


   up to 25A, 24-300V max, 4-32 VDC activated
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   up to 50A, 24-300V max, 4-32 VDC activated
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120 or 240 VAC Control Input:      


   up to 25A, 24-300V max, 90-280 VAC activated
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   up to 50A, 24-300V max, 90-280 VAC activated
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CE Noise Filter

   up to 277VAC max, single phase load
* Pre-installed = Solid state relay + thermal transfer pad or thermal grease + 2 mounting screws + torqued to 20-25 inch pounds + the heat sink shown. For the fastest on site installations, using the pre-assembled packages is beneficial. Power-io can design other assemblies, contact us with your specifications. The Ultra Power Cooler™ is a small footprint, thermally engineered, fan assisted heat sink. Please provide 120 vac, 9 watts, power for the fan.

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