Power-io solid state relays and i/o modules
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 ssr solid state relay

DC or AC input, analog 0-10 VDC, dual channels at up to 100 amps on each

4-20ma input ssr

DC or AC input, analog 4-20 mA,
solid state relays

Solid state relays, SCR thyristors, solid state contactors, mosfet based solid state relays, din rail relay modules, din rail heat sinks and other automation products

Power-io™ provides advanced products for power control applications, using customized igbt designs, mosfets, or solid state switching technology:

  • Large inventory of SSRs and din rail solid state relay products.

  • Specializing in SSR, SCR, mosfet, and IGBT products
  • Advanced Maximum Surge Survival™ technology for 3 layers of surge protection
  • Power control, heater contactors, solid state motor starters, lighting contactors, robotics, and PLC interface power switching. Industrially hardened for commercial, military COTS, aerospace, test equipment, transportation, HVAC & other applications
  • Custom control engineering for sophisticated electrical power switching applications
  • High speed, high reliability, rugged industrial design, no moving parts
  • Ultra precise zero crossing for reduced EMI, without the cost of external filters
  • Most products are manufactured in the USA and shipped worldwide.
  • No "minimum order" requirements; credit cards, government P-Cards, purchase orders, and mobile-friendly PayPal payments are accepted.
  • Smallest installed size = more amps per square inch.

SSR and SCRs made in the USA

credit cards

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